Who am I my purchases, this site: alone!

Who am I, my shopping, this site: alone!

1- My shopping

I started shopping in Thailand in order to sell early in 2007. Then I started to put on sale on the net but it was not very developed technically yet. And so I opened a shop "physical" that I closed after a year, downtown stores are not too successful.

2- This site

I had to retry on the net where I did different technical tests. I started selling to 2009. Software sales on the net were changing, I practiced several, but I wanted to keep my autonomy and mastery of the technique.

Finally, when WooCommerce was born that I started for real. So I opened Thailand Crafts in 2010 on the page of arrival on the site you find many details concerning my purchases. This site was first specialized for Thailand I did not know what to do crafts bought in other countries.

After trying different sites unsuccessfully with search engines I finally gathered everything here, it's easier! And I made a beautiful logo that specifies: Crafts of Thailand, Tunis, Bali. And I made some key words: "Thailand handicrafts","Tunis handicrafts","Bali handicrafts"," Handicrafts of Nepal "etc.

3- Working alone

Annie Stasseat this site I chose not to publish all my purchases at one time but over time, which according to the trips are about 500 pieces (1)!

Each upload takes a lot of time:

  1. take pictures : often I have to start several times to find the right angle, the right light, the good support, the good framing, etc.
  2. measure the object : width, height, length, weight
  3. describe the object : as precisely as possible in a concise way
  4. find the purchase price to fix the selling price : they are in my notes taken on the fly at the time of each purchase in a tiny notebook (which I have since the first trip), or if by luck I get an invoice ... sometimes written in Thai (see the problem) that in general I annotate in French, and it happens that I have nothing neither note nor invoice ... there I must see an equivalent product, anyway the memory is useful to find me in all these papers that I class as soon as I come home from a trip!
  5. moreover one must know that the pure technical site requires attention hourly, and daily adjustments, for Google to reference me!

The products are often in 1 only copy (except the incense, the pearls obviously! And some others): I opted for the variety and the diversity of the products rather than the quantity, more the craft is generally manufactured in very small quantity, even 1 only copy. So when you buy a product it disappears from the stock and the site is the only one ... and therefore no customer opinion ... otherwise by mail ... which I published a few.

The technique and presentation of the site

It is also me who makes all the technique of the site on the supports of WordPress et WooCommerce : they are safe and solid structures that give complete freedom for the presentation. All techniques to add and choose (for example for payment choices, choices and cost of transportation, and so many other techniques). The aspect of the site on a theme basis that I choose but that I have all freedom to dispose as I please, etc.

Ecology and Newsletter

I did not send you Newsletter (Newsletter) for ecology, each sends a lot of energy (computers, servers, etc.).
* Ecological accommodation Infomaniakecologically engaged company
*www.artisanathai.com/ is carbon neutral:my site is carbon neutral
* shipments by La Poste, Mondial Relay, my packaging is recyclable

To contact me two ways:

1- By mail using the formula at your disposal Contact

2- By telephone 0254073917 (a fixed because by SMS impossible to answer with links and precisions)


You will also find the pictures I made in the tickets that tell my trips and the general on the way of living of Thais.

I am declared a self-entrepreneur; my siret is 42058883200071 (2), activity code 4791A. The products offered on this site are stored at: Annie Stasse, 104 Le Corbusier boulevard, 36000 Chateauroux, France and shipped from this address, written information on all parcels and envelopes sent.

... unless you prefer Ikea, Amazon, FNAC, etc.


(1) As I had to do in the ten stay (the 1er in 2006) you can multiply by 10. Since the opening of this site (which follows a precedent of a different name) in September 2013: 5000 products were bought.

(2) all my past trades since 1970 is listed there bank deposits: Currently my business is active and I pay my RSI quarterly.

reviewed October 25 2019 to 18: 00. (with each evolution of information I write the date).