My craft purchases from Thailand

My craft purchases

TheThailand handicrafts This is also the order of my preferences:

1- The simple craftsman who generally works in a group (the minorities of the North), few individual isolated, my first movement in Thailand is to go to them as well as on:

  • the markets called "food" my purchases are "authentic" because these are the objects used by the Thai in their daily lives: dishes, basketry, traditional clothing, batiks and sarongs, bedspreads, various silks, incense that Thais use in their daily lives.

2- Those who have become one large workshop only one has appropriated (in the North),

3- I was buying in the huge markets for tourists at the beginning of my travels (2006), I go there more or little. No more than in the night markets, I prefer them smaller scale artisans.

In these various places we also find crafts from Nepal, India,


Annie StasseI buy less and less in Bangkok, but rather in the northern mountains where are the artisans, mostly unique pieces that is unique to the craft!

And even if one product looks like another not being made to the chain it always has a different element.