What Our Clients Say

Here I will copy / paste emails from customers. I just made this decision this day (early June 2016) while I should have done it for a long time.

Indeed my products being by 1 single copy in their vast majority no one can put an opinion on the product since it disappears with his purchase.

I will post a comment for each

  • Notice received by email,
  • and even questions about how I respond: this can be helpful to many.

I will never put your contact details or last name to preserve your anonymity, I will put only your name, the username is not possible on this site of online purchases (obligation to identify to make a purchase).

Merci d'avance.

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  1. Hello Mrs. Strasse,

    This little email to tell you
    that I have received both Buddhas
    Thais in resin. Be thanked.

    If you had to have it again
    emerald color of the same shape,
    slightly larger, 10 to 12 cm
    of height, I would be very
    grateful to have the kindness
    to put me a message.

    Excellent day to you and better


  2. Bonsoir
    I just received a message from Mondial Relay that dropped off my package at the other end of the city ...
    You told me that you give the nearest delivery point to my home, but here I have for more than 1 time between the round trip.
    It is not possible.
    Thank you to see with Mondial relay so that I recover this parcel at an address in Bordeaux and not in Bègles and closer to my home.
    Good night

    1. my mail to Mondial relay

      I bought you and paid for a parcel shipment on November 4.

      Parcel number 44408406 that I deposited at my usual relay point, by choosing the relay point of arrival in Bordeaux LA BUANDERIE BY LAVERIEPRIVEE
      FR-33000 BORDEAUX

      gold I learn from my client that you deliver the parcel to Begles Point ink 430 Toulouse road ie 1 hour drive

      my client is very angry, and me too.

      please contact her to inform her that you have done the necessary and transport the package to her first destination and chose to be 62 during the Argonne

  3. Hello I am a masseuse specialized in Thai massage for a number of years. I usually cover my clients with a batik. I would like to buy again to renew my stock. Because at the end of a brown time I'm not more to get rid of this feeling of fat that persists on the tissues. About how did you advise me to wash the batiks, in relation to the contact with the oil?
    Then I would have to know if you are able to give me a discount if I buy 10?

    Thank you in advance for your answer.

    1. Hello, if the shades of the batik are of good quality they can withstand a temperature of 30% like wool, and mild non-aggressive detergent, white vinegar to fix the colors, and normally, with my batiks or sarongs no problem.
      For a purchase from 10 different parts I could give you a discount of 20%.

      It will take to benefit that I make you a coupon or "promo code" valid on your current email address or another that you give me.

      I must specify that I have many others in stock, could tell me the style and colors of your choice ... because I did not make the pictures ...

  4. Tuesday 21 August 2018 14: 45: about a sunshade to Switzerland

    I wanted to thank you for your sending. The umbrella is very pretty and conform to your description. Similarly, your shipment was fast and the umbrella arrived without damage.

    Thank you!


  5. Hello Madam
    Can you confirm that your jewelry is really silver?
    Do they have a punch? Do you have an importer stamp to import jewels made of precious metals?
    Anne Mayor

    1. Hello,
      it depends: it is always specified in the description; when they are they are according to the European standard 92,5% most silver bracelets are so; on the other hand, among the necklaces they are more artisanal and are more flexible at 82% to work: most necklaces say in silver.

  6. Hello Madam

    I have taken a look at your store, and I am interested in some of your products. Well, I am a reseller (Dropshipper) and I am looking for partners (suppliers) to build a successful online business.
    Waiting for your answer, so that we can discuss the terms.


    1. Thank you for your message, it seems to me not to have understood exactly: you are looking for a collaborator to build your own online business? what is your need: technical? merchandise ?
      if it is merchandise most of my products are in a very small stock. But it may be possible to cooperate with referral links to one or the other site: it is a technique planned on my site ...

  7. of Josiane L. the 5 April 16: 03

    - Well received the beautiful bracelets, and thank you for your speed.
    (...) I really like your site and see you soon for a
    Next order.

  8. The 17 March 20: 00

    from Christel P.

    Good evening,

    I want to thank you in advance for sending but also for your professionalism and your seriousness.

    Thanks again !


    Christel P.

  9. The 8 March 2018 16: 45

    I received the order I had made to you. Thank you for your seriousness and your speed.
    Annick L ....

  10. Hello Madam,
    Thank you for the speed of your sending -
    I'll let you know as soon as I get it -
    Good day - Mrs. O. Marie-Paule -

  11. Hello Madam,

    What diligence, my ring arrived 24 hours after the order.

    Your message specifying the date of departure of the package is very nice and rare on an online store.

    Perfect package as in my previous order ...


    1. Thank you to say on the site ... I dream that other buyers do the same thing in addition to or instead of their email.

  12. Stéphane the 23 / 02 / 17:

    Ms. Stasse, good morning,

    Well received your package, the two candlesticks are beautiful, elegant, refined
    Thank you and good day,

  13. a question about shipping Brigitte :
    I would like to place an order. Living in Belgium, delivery is via Mondial relay. Could you tell me the cost.
    Thank you very much
    Good night

    My answer :

    to know the cost the only solution is to put what you choose in the basket and then you will have several choices
    cost ... it's up to you
    I can not give you a delivery price because the price is VARIABLE depending on the weight of the products and the destination of the shipment

    it is only the basket which calculates according to your choices your quantities your products ...

    Answer by Brigitte :
    Hello Madam,
    Thank you for your very quick answer.
    I just placed an order. (Xxx Brigitte)
    My Mondial Relay point is: (censored by me)
    The 31 / 12 / 2016 by mail:
    Hello Madam,

    I just picked up my package at the relay point.
    Mondial Relay had already warned me yesterday by phone of the arrival of the parcel.
    I wish you a Happy New Year, a Happy New Year 2017 and a trip full of good surprises
    Bien à vous

  14. from Hortense

    Hello lady Annie,
    I discover your site ... I ADOOOORE your presentation, your personality! In addition, which is not negligible your objects are original and AFFORDABLE.
    But I have a little worry ... here: I ordered you a small light green elephant pendant (ORDER N ° xxx) at the price of 9,50 €, which I have to pay by check ... but I went too fast because I would have liked also: the beautiful navy and white embroidered bag with red rose h.20cm at the price of 20,00 €.
    Would it have been possible to make only one shipment?
    Otherwise, no problem, I'll order it separately.
    I would just like to know your answer,
    my answer / question
    no problem: always a solution

    already I would like to be sure of your choice by following this link https://www.artisanathai.com/produit/sac-brode-rouge-et-blanc-rose-rouge-20cm/

    if not which one?

    if so I put it in your order and increase the total purchase + the additional shipment

  15. I put this comment because it is a situation that happens frequently, the buyer clicks on a payment that does not suit him, just contact me to tell me and a solution is found.
    of Frédéric who made the choice to pay by transfer:

    he sends me an email saying: it's too complicated !

    I answer him :
    you also have the choice by PayPal or by sending a check.

    He answers me by asking me my address (because he prefers the sending of a check) he had no indication for a transfer ... I replied by communicating my address. to be continued…

    a few days later I receive his check (a Friday) and send him his order the same day.

  16. Resin by Yolande
    Thank you for your quick shipment that I just received.
    The article suits me.
    By cons, thankfully it was not fragile and the interior was really well protected, because the packaging was very defective, dented and scotch tape.

  17. from Karine:

    I have received your package and I thank you


  18. Renée: batik and other fabrics

    Hello Annie, I received my last order, and I want to tell you that the fabric I received is beautiful and very original. I am taking other fabrics of the same vein and in the same range of size and price. I would like to remind you that my association AVEC-ASSOCIATION.ORG is very interested in the development of dishes in banana leaves, and that any additional information (such as the email address of developers) interests me. Best regards, Renee.


    you count among my loyal customers, I thank you for it.

    It is on a neighborhood market to a very old woman that I bought this batik and those online this year (almost all sold), if it is still I will buy more ...

    ... because I return to Thailand for the last time in January 2017 for 3 weeks and I will try to acquire a choice of products (including fabrics) that are the most typical. I have in fact 75 8 / 12 / 16 and I can not stand the heat (between 30 and 40 °), moreover I am accompanied to help me carry the packets of my acquisitions over what I find ... by walking the streets and neighborhoods.

    Regarding the plates in sheet I will try to inform me on the spot.

    I take advantage of this email to inform you that soon I will have crafts to sell: an artist-traveler-amateur-buyer-bargain of Southeast Asia contacted me, we are in the process of concoct the way we will work together (because he knows nothing about computers!).



  19. Delphine: mobile 3 rabbit


    this message to tell you the pretty little story that makes me order today on your site!
    My baby is at a nanny's house that has a lot of elephants ... including a mobile elephant feather turning ... and he loves this mobile!
    He blows on it and turns the elephants around, and he likes it so much that he does it very, very often, even without the mobile!
    He loves this suspension so much that I buy him the same for his first birthday ...

    There it is, thanks,


    I answered :

    but yes, this is an excellent observation: small children are often fascinated by what moves above them

    and there too feathers that turn with a strand of draft

    Happy birthday to your baby ... 1 year! It's not nothing !

  20. from Claude:


    My order posted yesterday arrived this morning, I am delighted, the products are exactly the ones I ordered.



  21. Philippe

    Thank you for your diligence your site I like a lot I find it really authentic your malas are simple and beautiful, they go straight to the point.

    I think to take the white too but I have so very pretty so I hesitate always I take the most beautiful, your embroidered bag is very beautiful too, I saw Indian bags sold by saddles chain stitches a Similar to yours on your site is this bag made in a Buddhist temple?

    Thank you and see you soon

  22. Mâlâ by Philippe

    I received your first mala I find it perfect thank you I have about sixty it will be part of my favorite, they can come from a temple I said I was blessed by chance?

    Otherwise I would bless myself anyway I'm glad thank you very much

  23. Sandra: wrist bracelets
    Thank you very much Annie for the bracelets received today, how fast! They are very nice, I will be happy to visit your online store. Good future stays in this beautiful country!
    Ms. xx Sandra

    Order information:

    • Sandra placed the order on August 9 2016; and the receipt of his payment the same day before noon. Posted by Green Letter the same day in the afternoon, and received the August 10 by Sandra.


  24. Shirt by Jean-Michel and Sylvie


    Well received the shirt (in Bordeaux). It is very soft and very fine, ideal for the summer that arrives.

    Thank you Annie (which I have been blogging for a dozen years!).

    Good continuation,


    Jean-Michel (and Sylvie)

  25. Laetitia: different bracelets


    I received my order today and thank you
    I realize that two of the bracelets are actually too long or so, I do not know how to close them properly, could you please tell me what it is?
    Thank you

    My answer :

    I fully understand your concern, which is why I always indicate the length of the bracelets, because there are thin wrists (your case) and "larger" wrists and some also choose for their ankle.

    As for how to adapt them to your wrists:

    twist the 2 ranks which will "shrink" them

    and if you are adroit in "sewing": sew the two rows together at the height that suits you, and leave a loop-like entrance for the passage of the bead.
    give me following your chosen adaptation technique, it interests me
    good luck, and thank you


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