Secure payment: Credit card or IBAN

1- Directly by credit card or IBAN

Safely using "Stripe" :

Simply fill in the fields, you can choose all kinds of cards, and even pay by transfer by registering your IBAN, in the appropriate boxes.

My site is secure just note the green padlock in the address bar and the site address that starts with HTTPS

You can make your payment - from your computer, mobile phone, tablet; Apple Pay and Google Payment, here are the screenshots:

STRIPE Uses security HTTPS : all approved sites are in https TLS :

  • Chiffrer et vérifier l’intégrité du trafic entre le client et votre serveur
  • Vérifiez que le client communique avec le bon serveur. En pratique, cela signifie généralement que le propriétaire du domaine et le propriétaire du serveur sont la même entité. Cela permet d’éviter les attaques de l’homme dans le milieu. Sans cela, il n’y a aucune garantie que vous cryptiez le trafic vers le bon destinataire.

Read on the Stripe website: customers, safely.

Read Wikipedia on stripe.

2 - Payment by check

For this payment I will wait the cashing of your check by my bank before sending you your order

3 - Payment by Paypal

Ben no I tried again but they poked me on my card for purchases that I had not done I had to ban my CB ...

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