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Shop of my choice of crafts purchases during my travels since 2007 2 :Thai craft shop

My Thai craft purchases

I started traveling in Thailand (and Vietnam) in 2005 I did several long stays of 6 months; it was in 2007 that I started to choose and select crafts in order to sell it, because I discovered during my first trips that they were artists.

In addition the other advantage is the organization of their Post which allows to easily send all the packages you want. I started using carriers, but it was a mistake because they are very expensive and very slow.

The truth Thailand handicrafts is mainly in markets called "food" frequented by Thais for their daily lives, this one is the daily life of Thais who are amateurs and attached to their crafts.

In the markets for tourists I find some objects such as bracelets made by Thai women at all speeds with their hands so dexterous, but, for example, the largest selection of batiks and sarongs are in stores for Thai.

I find there: crockery, basketwork, traditional clothes, batiks and sarongs, bedspreads, various silks, incense used by the Thais in their daily lives, and all the ethnic products to which they are faithful.

In these various places we also find somehandicrafts from Nepal, of the'India.

Do not forget that a craft product is always unique because it is done manually: they are similar but are always different.

Origin of the name of my site

I named my site arts and crafts: it is the condensed craft of Thailand it was enough for me to remove a T by using the famous "thai" without the impossible umlaut in an url, and I added .com, but it also exists in .fr

Other crafts: Tunis, Bali

You will also find here what concerns my findings in the souks of Tunis where I went to 2015; pure wool carpets crafted from the surrounding villages quite unique; leather pouf covers are beautiful quality, some closures of the base do not work.

And my discoveries glass beads in Bali, but actually made on the main island of Java Indonesia, these pearls are no longer made because China manufactures most of the world's pearls but in an industrial way (ie all absolutely identical), while each pearl of 'Indonesia made by hand have slight differences from one to the other: which is the main characteristic of the craft, each piece is different because made manually.


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